Our members consist of (ISC)² credentialed professionals who hold either an SSCP, CAP, CSSLP and/or a CISSP or advanced concentration certification as well as non-credentialed professionals who have an interest in learning and practicing cybersecurity and information technology.

Our chapter program is focused on skills development to help our members learn specific skill sets in order to develop and add value to their work and progress on their career path.

Our vision is to become an avenue for current and future Security Professionals to grow personally and professionally while supporting Northern California Communities and others.

We are asking for a $50 annual donation for membership. Since we are a non-profit your donation is tax deductible and we use the donations to hire quality speakers, on chapter expenses, and for 1-2 in-person meetings a year for rental space, food, and drinks.

Membership donations:

Venmo = @ISC2NorthBayChapter

Paypal =

Questions about membership? Please email us at membership team.

Benefits of Membership

  • Earn CPEs by participating in professional activities

  • Engage in leadership roles and improve your leadership skills

  • Participate in speaking events

  • Participate in Mentorship program

  • Assist and get assistance in Mock Interviews to advance your career

  • Assist writing articles on NBC LinkedIn Page

  • Volunteer in local community outreach projects (public service) to educate kids and adult about cybersecurity

  • Receive special discounts on (ISC)2 products and programs

(ISC)2 offers special discounts to (ISC)2 Chapter members on the following items:

  • Promotional merchandise at the (ISC)2 Store

  • (ISC)2 Security Leadership Series events (for non-(ISC)2 members)

  • Special discounts are available on (ISC)2 Education products*

(*inquire with an (ISC)2 Certification Consultant for details)

For More information on (ISC)2 chapters see:

(ISC)2 Chapter Information